#10thingstotellyou #8

Right now I’m struggling with…

….my new diagnosis as a Type II diabetic.  The life changes I’m trying suddenly are not about a smaller size in jeans, but in living a healthier life to have a long term quality life.  This is actually daunting.

Image result for blood sugar images

I am making use of the dietitian counseling,  trying to learn how to manage foods, portions, and blood sugars.  I now take a med to keep blood sugars lower to avoid the damage that consistent higher blood sugars can cause in my body.

I’m going to take advantage of classes and support systems and for the next 90 days, as my own “reset”, doing the no sweets plan – except on each of the holidays.  (Fruits are my new snack.)

This diagnosis is yet another shift in my life, I suppose.  It is not curable but it is controllable.

Image result for blood sugar images

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