A piece of advice I am thankful for…

I’m not sure – and feel as though I don’t hear a lot of advice.  Encouragement at times – is that advice?

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A gift from God I am thankful for …

so many things in life feel like gifts.  Music.  Flowers.  The relative good health I’ve enjoyed so far.  The gift of my children and grandchildren.  The ability to think, the ability to see, to hear.  The ability to read and comprehend.


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A possession I am thankful for …

my journal (and a good pen).  I’ve journaled since I was a young teen.  Sadly, I did not keep my young teen journals.  Wouldn’t they be fun to look at now?  I have journaled regularly since I was pregnant with my first child, and for each child (pregnancy, early days, months, years with each child) and journaled in general for myself since I was 30.  It helps me to think and process and document my life.  It’s not a daily thing – maybe it’s a weekly thing or as I’m in need of thinking things through.  Pen to paper – a simple pleasure.  (or fingers to keyboard for this blog)

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A simple pleasure I am grateful for…

a back rub, or my feet being rubbed by my husband.

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A family member I am grateful for…

my sister.  The listener, the companion for trips, the fellow carer-of-parents, the only person I talk to on the phone multiple times a week.  She probably thinks she needs me more than I need her – and I’m only hoping it’s at least equal and I’m not a burden on her.  Thankful for her in my life.



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A gift I’m thankful for…

This past Christmas, my husband gave me the surprise of a brass statue of an African woman standing and reading a book.  He knew I had expressed an interest in this figure but once I knew how much it cost, I knew I couldn’t justify buying it.  I commented on this to someone (not him) and he remembered that and later told me that he immediately knew he’d get it for me for a gift.

I’m thankful for the gift but mostly it was his thoughtfulness and his desire to do something so special to please me and make me happy.  (He even boxed it multiple times so I couldn’t figure out immediately what it was.)



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A place I’m thankful for…

the ocean.  It’s peaceful.  There are so many memories of family time on beach vacations.  Watching sunrises at the ocean (east coast)  or walking on the shore collecting shells,  and walking with my love.   So I’m thankful for the many times I’ve been able to see an ocean.


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A song I am thankful for…

Edge of the World   or any other song by IONA.   This is my favorite band for years. (They have now disbanded due to separate interests and it was just time. ) – If you’d like to try a band with an ethereal and contemplative music style, a lovely vocalist,  excellent instrumentation – and who also has some songs with a strong percussive sound, go on the YOUTUBE.

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A taste or food I am grateful for…

is there a difference between “gratitude for a food or a taste ” … or the inability to say no to a food?  I am apparently unable to say no to chocolate.

But gratitude for a food:   warm freshly baked bread with a little butter.  The making of bread, the kneading of the dough, the baking, and the tasting of this bread soon out of the oven.

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A freedom I am thankful for…

to follow the faith of my choice.  And to have the freedom to not follow any faith.


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