A book I am thankful for…

Three books come to mind.

Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher – caused me to say yes to the idea of my daughters homeschooling in middle school.

Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus (John Gray)  — I know – it’s a little embarrassing at this point – caused me to understand certain qualities in my husband better.  Hey – it did the trick at the time.  (There are better relationship books but this was enough for the season in which I read it.)

Outlander – by Diana Gabaldon.  Because that’s where I met Jamie and Claire 27(?) years ago.  Sometimes book characters become real people and these two did for me.



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An act of kindness I am grateful for…

My husband cooking me a dinner when I’ve worked all day – and even though he has also worked all day most of the time – at this point in our lives, he does quite of bit of dinner planning.  It’s like a hug to walk in and see dinner almost done or on the table.

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A sacred space I am grateful for…

is the place I am sitting with my husband and talking about deep things.  Sometimes it’s the deck, sometimes it’s the room with the green couch, and there are candles lit, and we sit next to each other and read a prayer together, and then read whatever book we’re reading together.  Then we talk.  That feels sacred.

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Something happening tomorrow that I’m grateful for …

That I have a home and a husband who loves me to come home to.   And I’m grateful that I’m working with a friend.  And have a job I love.


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A mystery I am thankful for…

I think I don’t appreciate many things as the mysteries they are.  I’m probably just too cynical or logical.  Electricity feels like a mystery but of course there is an explanation.  Love is a mystery.  I’m thankful for both.

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A life lesson that I am grateful for…

Doing hard things is not only possible but makes it easier to do something hard the next time.  It is not pleasant at the time but it is possible.

And blushing will not kill me.

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A smell I am thankful for…

walking in to the scent from a dinner cooking.  Because that smells like love.  He cooks for me often.


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A piece of advice I am thankful for…

I’m not sure – and feel as though I don’t hear a lot of advice.  Encouragement at times – is that advice?

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A gift from God I am thankful for …

so many things in life feel like gifts.  Music.  Flowers.  The relative good health I’ve enjoyed so far.  The gift of my children and grandchildren.  The ability to think, the ability to see, to hear.  The ability to read and comprehend.


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A possession I am thankful for …

my journal (and a good pen).  I’ve journaled since I was a young teen.  Sadly, I did not keep my young teen journals.  Wouldn’t they be fun to look at now?  I have journaled regularly since I was pregnant with my first child, and for each child (pregnancy, early days, months, years with each child) and journaled in general for myself since I was 30.  It helps me to think and process and document my life.  It’s not a daily thing – maybe it’s a weekly thing or as I’m in need of thinking things through.  Pen to paper – a simple pleasure.  (or fingers to keyboard for this blog)

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