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IBCLC thoughts


I read these three blog entries (one linked from the other) in the past few days. After working with moms / babies for 13.5 years as an RN IBCLC, I am in agreement with the majority of what’s said.

I had a whole bunch of words besides these, but for now, they’ll remain un-posted.


A friend I am thankful for…

So many.  My high school years – Elena and Nancy and Judy and Renee.  My 20s, Maryann and Judy and Betty and Laura.  My 30s – Linda and Vera and Marisa and Terry and Shelly.  My 40s – Terry and Amber and Sonnie and Pam.  My 50s – Suzanne and Judy and Kaye and Melissa and and and and …. and now, turning 60 – my daughter/friends are so important. 

And my sister – through all the decades.  The lifetime friend. 


A challenge I’m thankful for…

 I’m not usually thankful for challenges.  Wait – I’m never thankful for challenges.  

Maybe the most challenging thing I’ve experienced was becoming a nurse and that first year.  So I am thankful I made that journey, because it brought me to doing what I do now.  A job, vocation, hobby, most rewarding daily activity of supporting moms becoming moms.