Post Op 12-13 weeks (Knee joint replacement)

Posting so I’ll remember:

I started back to work at 11.5 weeks, am continuing PT. Improvement has been noticeable weekly but I have not been patient with this process. There is still swelling and stiffness at (now) 13.5 weeks, but I continue to be reassured by PT that this is normal. It could be normal for another couple of months or even occasionally beyond.

Walking at work hasn’t been bad – nor at home – but mornings upon rising are stiffer than later in the day and I’m still taking NSAIDS or Tylenol most days especially while working. Stiffness is also typical after a lengthy sit for a show or reading.

I’ve had 3 walks in my neighborhood so far of between 1.3 and 2.3 miles – walking at about 2.5 mph according to my phone app. It’s a start.

The overall “all the time aching” started to ease off as I got close to six weeks post op. I found I could go without NSAIDS or Tylenol some of the time or at least let it wear off.

My gait looks better to observers than it feels. I am increasingly finding it a bit easier to maneuver in bed at night. I get up once or twice to pee and readjust position – and it’s hard to know whether the waking to pee comes first or I’m uncomfortable enough to wake up and then realize I might as well pee. I rarely take Motrin or Tylenol at night anymore.

Next week will be the first week I’ll work all four days: two days, have two off, then work the other two. I walk about 70% of the time when I’m at work, with the occasional sitting down to chart, so some swelling would be expected.

The scar is still pretty deep pink, and I’m told that this will be faded to white some distant day. It’s quite the journey. I’m definitely not walking briskly yet, and looks like no lawn mowing for me this summer.

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