End of Year Questions from #10thingstotellyou

  1. What will you remember most?

It seems obvious that Covid-19 will be the most memorable aspect of this year (and we did not get to visit our distant grandson for his first birthday) The Black Lives Matter protests after the murder of George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor protests. Statues being painted with protest graffiti. Other things I’ll remember vividly: voting early in this election, helping my parents fill in their votes (mail in) with my sister who was visiting – knowing they were voting for 45, and then hearing that Trump would not be president for another term on the Saturday after election day, and the sense of relief I felt and excitement with my children about this fact. Enjoying attending the Celtic Service at St George’s Episcopal Church on Sunday evenings (pre-Covid19) and looking forward to doing this again someday.

2. Who were your people?

My husband, my children, my sister, along with my co-workers who were so important in that they helped me feel less disconnected from my “friend” world.

3. What was the best entertainment?

A second watching of Schitt’s Creek, Mrs. America, The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, Ted Lasso, and so so many podcasts – favorite one was Pantsuit Politics and many episodes of You Have Permission (not entirely as entertainment but educational) and nearly 40 books, the occasional Tik Tok or Twitter amusement. Oh – and jigsaw puzzles!

4. What were the most important conversations?

I can’t remember any specific conversation but know there were many on the topics of faith, deconstruction, rebuilding, and on systemic racism in our culture with my daughters / husband / bookclubs.

5. What was the biggest surprise?

Just HOW divided our country is politically – and how much my opinion and views have changed from the views of such a large portion of the people I’ve known forever. Realizing that I may not be someone that they would want to remain friends with. (on politics and faith and racism)

6. What was the most consequential decision?

To begin to walk around my neighborhood for as many days as possible on days that I am home from work. (2-3.5 miles) I listen to podcasts, take photos, enjoy nature, and hopefully impact my HgA1c and overall health.

7. What have you learned?

I have learned that I greatly miss being able to casually arrange a lunch date with a friend. I have learned (and been amazed) that people will deny science because they’re tired of this pandemic. I’m tired also. I am very glad to have my family “on the same page” regarding what needs to happen this year so we can be together next year.

8. What has changed?

In me – not enough, but some. I now keep tabs on my toilet paper and paper towel stock more than I have ever before. I am very used to seeing masks in my purse, hanging from my mirror in the car, and at the door before I go see my parents. I have bought more books than before – with libraries closed or complicated to access at times I have available. I have cooked at home far more often than in the past few years. (thanks to meal services and being home more)

9. What are you leaving behind and making space for?

I’m leaving behind more answers and things I thought I knew, and am making space for more questions and am at peace as I look at many things in new ways.

10. What do you want more of next year?

I want more time reading books (vs. reading, skimming stuff online) and deliberate efforts to find more quiet spaces. (20 min / day, and 10 min / day)