May 16th


148320_1445600421005_2801006_nI was born and made them parents on May 16, 1958.

Other historical things that happened on this day – The Feast Day of Saint Brendan – one of the early monastic saints – died.  The album  Beyond These Shores celebrates his journey and life. (One of my favorite albums)

There’s a list of famous people who were born or who died on this day right on Wikipedia.  I remember hearing that Jim Henson (Muppet Inventor) died on my birthday – while sitting at a traffic light in Culpeper – 1990.

At this point in my life, birthdays are not too exciting – except for the fact that I’m privileged to have yet one more.    I’m not nearly as mature as I thought I’d be at this point, but I am more forgiving of myself about that than I used to be.

I am blessed.

(I drew Baby Val when I was in high school – long, long ago.)