Various Thoughts on Books and Reading

I spend a L.O.T. of time falling into the various rabbit holes on the Internet.  Blog reading is still reading – but the clicking from page to page and blog to then another blog was time spent not reading books.   Facebook or Pinterest is definitely not real reading.

Books have always been in my life.  I do not really remember parents reading to me but my sister and I both grew to love reading early.  The school library was wonderful to visit.

I admit to my share of Harlequin romances in my youth (*blushing*), and other predictable romance books, and there were the long epic family-drama novels.   I loved the thick novels where I’d be in another time or place with various characters  for a week or two, and would be sad to see those last chapters approaching.   As a teen, I would read until the wee hours of the morning.  I’d read in the car (while not driving) – and still do.  Later….Time to nurse a child again?  Also time to read!

Time travel books, historical romances, and occasionally a non-fiction book would find its way to my hands.

I’ve found that my taste in books has changed over the decades, too – but the love for reading remains.  Some books work better in audio format (only unabridged), other times I can make progress quickly holding a Kindle, but there is something about holding a real book in my hands that still feels best.

It seemed that my reading of books slowed as my Internet reading grew.  I began to wonder if my attention span had also shrunk – since I was not often finding books I’d dive into immediately.  But once in a while, I find a book that confirms that I just need to find the RIGHT book.  (i.e. The Help)

So – I am trying to become more deliberate in ways to increase the number of books I read each month.  Audio for the drive to work and back, Kindle for the treadmill (when I am not in the “I am dying” phase of things) – and yes, real books with pages to turn.

I’ve recently purged many books picked up at thrift store or Goodwill or library sale – knowing I will not likely ever read them. I still have more books than many people do, though.  As I have gotten older,  I also find less need to keep books I’ve read but will never read again.  I am running out of time to re-read when there are so many new ones waiting.

Years ago, I would find myself continuing to read a book that I really was not enjoying.  I rarely do that now.  Reading should be pleasurable and not a waste of time.  The author will never know I stopped!

I still  purchase a book here and there, but try to be more discriminating.  My “to be read” pile never seems to get smaller. When I see a book mentioned on multiple blogs, I am tempted to purchase again.  Library?  Ebay?  (I’m still cheap.)

Readers have strong opinions on favorite books or authors – but someone’s favorite book may not be one I am even interested in. But it’s fun to be in a family of readers – even as we have our various genres.

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