Broken Pieces

The teacup was part of a small set of dishes purchased many years ago. The cup broke almost immediately after I’d purchased it when the bag fell from my hands to the floor.  My husband sweetly did his best to restore it enough to display with the rest of the set.  On the shelf, the imperfections are not immediately apparent.  But up close, they are quite obvious.

The broken pieces in us are often invisible.  But to a lesser or greater degree, they are there. Sometimes they remain hidden altogether – sometimes hidden from all except those closest to us.  At times we are ready to reveal the brokenness to someone we trust.  They may help “glue” us back together – holding us close until the pieces hold.

But there is a Redeemer who can restore the broken pieces to wholeness – heal the scars until they fade almost completely.

Steve Green’s song “My Redeemer” says it well:

You begin with shattered souls
Those hiding in their shame
And fashion from their brokenness
A story filled with grace 

Redeemer, You take all that’s lost
And turn it into gain
So why am I amazed to find
You reached this broken life of mine
You make all things new
That’s what you do 


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