A Love Letter to My Body

One good part about being in my mid-fifties is greater acceptance of the parts about my body I cannot change – while trying to keep it healthy

The stretch marks are barely noticed and are evidence of housing others for brief times.  The soft belly and wider hips from being greatly stretched and padded from those four pregnancies – do not appear to be leaving and that’s ok. The effects of gravity on face and backs of arms – are not so exciting – but age is a privilege not extended to all, so it’s all good. Thinner hair?  At least there is hair.  And thankfully – I can take a pill for those menopausal symptoms for now.

I occasionally catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror when I’m not expecting it – and it reminds me that – no – you do not look quite like you think you do.  Time has altered you.  Being in my fifties, I’ve seen a lot of change already.  I know that this face and body will continue to sag and become more unrecognizable to the me in my head.  Wrinkles will give birth to more wrinkles.  Hands will look older and skin will become thinner. (Hey – something will get thinner!)

But for now – this body carries me places, rises to the challenge of my efforts at exercise, lets me feel the touch of people I love, has arms to return hugs, and provides lodging for this mind and this soul.

As time passes,  this body will begin to frustrate me at times with its increasing limitations.  Aches and pains will likely be present. I glimpse the future as I watch my parents deal with some of these frustrations.  My body will become less able, move slower, even lose balance at times.  It could even become diseased and betray me.

But for now, it’s where I live, and I am grateful for the temple.

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