Today is the day.  The last of my unmarried children will change that single status before the day ends.

He left home 9 years ago to enter the Air Force.  He was 19.  And unlike with college – which involves leaving and returning cycles – when a child enters the military, the “arrow is shot”.  He was gone.  The visits home were never frequent enough and always felt far too brief.

This son has matured greatly from that man/boy who left.  Life experience will do that.  Each visit revealed hints of who he was growing into and we were proud.  Are proud.

I prayed and hoped for him to find someone to be in his life.  A mom’s heart hurts thinking of her son far away from his family and wondering if he is lonely.  Maybe he wasn’t (he’s a bit of a Mystery and all) but IF he was lonely, I hoped he’d find someone to love and who would love him back.

Then he did!

When he first introduced her to us, he was so excited to do so – and so very proud of her.  As I watched them together, I hoped that she would be the one.

And she was! As we’ve continued to get to know her, she couldn’t be more perfect for him.

They will make their covenant today.   The day will conclude and they will call each other husband and wife for the first time.   They will be a family.

I watch him with his (almost) in-laws and and am so very grateful to the extended family he’s gaining as well.  It’s clear he is part of their family as well as ours.

Today,  I will remember the baby I held, the boy who grew, will awkwardly dance with him at his wedding – and feel blessed knowing the man he’s become.  My heart is full and if there are tears, they will be such very happy ones.




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