My Moment at the No Touching Zone (c2000)

This video discusses the complicated border between the USA and Canada.  It reminded me that I have a photo of myself at the No Touching Zone in Easton, Maine.

My mother was born in Easton and my father was born in Centreville, NB, Canada – less than 25 miles away. They met, married a year later, he became a US citizen, and they eventually moved south to Connecticut when I was five. Our annual summer family vacations consisted of traveling I-95 (the quiet section) to northern Maine and western New Brunswick.  I failed to appreciate this area of the country at the time – or that my parents were enjoying a visit with family and friends they’d left behind.  I read a lot of books during my time there.  I did a lot of swatting of black flies.  I am sure I also complained and whined.

One summer in 2000, my sister and I (and two of our children) traveled north (along with my parents) for a family reunion in NB, Canada.  Having lived in “the country” of Orange, Virginia for many years at that point, and being older and a little wiser, I  could now appreciate the scenic area I visited.  My mother’s birthplace (where my uncle still lives) is less than a mile from the Canadian Border – so we made a little trip to briefly, illegally set our feet across the border for a photo op. (As amateur criminals might do – and model it for their children as well.)

Summer 2000 (click on photo for larger version)


No alarms went off – no border guards approached us.  But we were quick!IMG_1604-001

Click on the photo to see the satellite view of the Homeplace and the Border.

Fullscreen capture 662013 93940 AM

Easton  (larger “live” version)

If you look closely, you might see my cousin Lisa or Uncle Dwight or Aunt Sally in the driveway.  (not really, Mom and Dad)