A challenge I’m thankful for…

 I’m not usually thankful for challenges.  Wait – I’m never thankful for challenges.  

Maybe the most challenging thing I’ve experienced was becoming a nurse and that first year.  So I am thankful I made that journey, because it brought me to doing what I do now.  A job, vocation, hobby, most rewarding daily activity of supporting moms becoming moms.  


A teacher I am thankful for. . . 

One of my nursing instructors told me that I am indeed a leader since I had a family I was leading.  (when I denied that I was a leader)  

Another teacher I’m thankful for – at Germanna (finishing my BSN), I took a class I thought was about the history of philosophy, but ended up requiring consideration of what I thought about philosophical concepts. The course was so enjoyable and I enjoyed getting to know the instructor, too.  


A book I am thankful for…

Three books come to mind.

Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher – caused me to say yes to the idea of my daughters homeschooling in middle school.

Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus (John Gray)  — I know – it’s a little embarrassing at this point – caused me to understand certain qualities in my husband better.  Hey – it did the trick at the time.  (There are better relationship books but this was enough for the season in which I read it.)

Outlander – by Diana Gabaldon.  Because that’s where I met Jamie and Claire 27(?) years ago.  Sometimes book characters become real people and these two did for me.