Questions 2021

  1. What was it like in the beginning? In the beginning of 2021, there was no hint of what was ahead regarding my mother’s terminal cancer. There was relief at being able to get a vaccine and feel more protected from Covid-19. I felt as though we would finally get ahead of this virus, and never anticipated such resistance to the miracle of science. Also, in January, I watched an insurrection in DC on TV in disbelief.
  2. What worked well: Journaling to remember. What didn’t work well: To be totally concrete, my right knee didn’t work well.
  3. Some of the most important conversations: were with my mother, father, and sister – especially once we knew that mom’s cancer would be terminal.
  4. The best entertainment: Ted Lasso, Professor T (Danish version), and of late – Modern Family. My best books are on my last entry. Podcasts also entertained and educated. (Pantsuit Politics, You Have Permission, Moth, The Daily, and Popcast)
  5. Who mattered – my sister was so very important in her presence with me with the experiences with our mother and father.
  6. What changed? Life without my mother downstairs and watching my father adjust to life on his own. Also – feeling that Covid-19 was waning to realizing that with vaccine resistance, it will be with us and impacting healthcare for more years. And coping with a knee issue for the last quarter of 2021 shows how quickly things can change and impact day to day tasks and comfort.
  7. Happiness and fulfillment: Time spent with my husband and family is very high on my list of things that bring happiness. Reading with my husband, talking about meaningful things with him, all good.
  8. What did I learn? I can do hard things and bear hard things, even when I wondered if I could.
  9. What is actually ending? My feeling of certainty.
  10. What do I want more of? Books. Time away from work.

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