baptism jesus

John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Matthew 3:13-17

I saw two young men get baptized this morning  – in the Rappahannock River after church in Old Mill Park.  In a lifetime of church attendance and after seeing many people get baptized, I do not recall ever seeing an outdoor – non-pool – baptism. (My sister tells me she was baptized outside in a body of water – but I do not remember it and am not sure I was there. Or was I just not paying attention?  🙂

Walking down towards the river, standing on the banks with a crowd of people to witness the event – reminded me of a couple of old pictures I’d seen in a collection of Flewelling photos.

In back of the home where my mother grew up in Easton, Maine – there was a creek ( river? pond?)  where many believers were baptized over the decades long ago.  Mom says she remembers her own mother getting baptized after a hole was cut in the ice.  Those people were made of strong stuff!  My mom and her sister were baptized as young girls by their dad (my Grampie) in another pond in their neighborhood.

 (The diving board in this photo indicates that other things happened at this pond – in the nearly two weeks of summer-like weather in northern Maine.  🙂  (four weeks?)


How many decades ago was this photo taken?  I have no idea who is being baptized – or who is witnessing the event.

Baptism. Flewelling lake, Easton-001

And who is this man in the yellowed photo?

River de Chute water  baptism (1)

A peer of my mother’s generation – baptized in the same pond.  (photo may be from my Aunt G?)


Since I grew up in a faith tradition that does not practice infant baptism, I was baptized in a church baptismal as a young teen (along with a young friend). I wish I could remember a bit more about the event.   My husband was baptized as an infant, and then again by immersion as an adult.  Each of my children were baptized in an outdoor pool – with their dad assisting the minister.

Today I witnessed two more believers follow Jesus’ example.  They walked into a river, confessed their belief – and intention to be a Christ follower – and then were “buried” — and rose to new life in Him.  The witnesses applauded.


What is Baptism?  (from

One thought on “Baptism

  1. The last picture on the list, Val, is Rita Bradley Flewelling, a distant cousin of ours, being baptized by Rev. Wilbur Springer, our pastor around the early 1950’s. Rita’s mother was Roy Flewelling Sr’s. daughter and Dad and Roy, Sr. were first cousins. She married Floyd Flewelling who was Great Aunt Agnetta Flewelling’s grandson.

    Aunt Joyce

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