In the time of the Big Glasses

On May 31st, 1980 – we said “I do” – I even said “obey”.  He’s never put that “Obey” vow to the test, though.  Lost the ring at the OBX many years ago, lost the dress along the way in a house move, but the husband remains.  That’s all I need.

Marriage is so much easier when you marry your best friend.

In the time of the Big Glasses

2 thoughts on “In the time of the Big Glasses

  1. I love the title “In the Time of the Big Glasses”. It made me laugh when it showed up in my inbox so I had to check it out. I live in a particuarly trendy area of Toronto (not so when we bought our house, which was neighboured by a meth house on one side and a gang on the other) and the big glasses are back! So is neon, but the people with the big glasses and neon weren’t born in 1980 so they don’t know how silly they look yet… thanks, you made me laugh.

  2. Your blog has made me laugh as well. I have four children, but they are grown and survived me. But I work as a lactation consultant in the hospital setting (and am a nurse) so I am still closely involved in this world of babies, birth, and breastfeeding. 🙂

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