What I’m Into

I thought I’d participate in book, music, memory, blog, food promotion this month.

What I'm Into at HopefulLeigh

Things I’m Reading:
I just started Introverts in the Church and it seems to be resonating already.
I finished Beautiful Lies – a book by Lisa Unger, my niece’s favorite author. I enjoyed it – and her storytelling is along the lines of Baldacci or Grisham.

Music that is moving me:
When You Got a Good Thing (Lady Antebellum) – the song my son and daughter-in-law danced to at their wedding in November
Here I Amy to Worship (Michael Gungor Band)
My God (Jonathan Stockstill) – when looking for an extra push on the elliptical or treadmill

What I’m Watching:
LIFE – season 1 – and 2 on Netflix Watch Now (with husband – all done now)
Argo – in the theater – great movie
Downton Abbey – Series 3 (online)

Kitchen Happenings:
Scones, bread, chicken soup, chocolate chip cookies, homemade pizza – among other things
Recipes on my Pinterest Cooking Board.

Memorable Moments this past month: A son joined his life to a terrific lady and I watched my husband be the one to perform the ceremony.
Almost getting our car smashed into on the way to the wedding was also memorable.

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