Sad News

I used to read her blog frequently.  As blogging became more and more popular, I read more and more blogs on various topics and then started my own.  She lived not far from where I lived at the time I was reading hers – and we even exchanged an email or two.

Her blog is called and as it became more about political topics, I didn’t read it as often and then got away from visiting it at all – since I have way too many blogs in my Reader.

She was a prolific writer, full of purpose, full of faith, a champion of those with Down Syndrome, a person who “returned to the  church (Catholic)” (her words), and a staunch conservative.  She’d been open and transparent on her blog, and active in the issues of her neighborhood as well.   She’d birthed 9 children – one with DS – and adopted 3 younger boys with DS.

She was on blood thinners due to (I believe) a healing fractured leg this past summer while traveling.  She suffered a hemorrhagic stroke this past weekend and the notices on various blogs began to appear asking for prayer.  Then a couple of posts stated she was not expected to recover.

Yesterday came the notice that she had died with her large family at her bedside.

The internet makes for a smaller world, I am very saddened for the shock and sufferings her family will experience in the unexpected sudden loss of their mother and wife.  The family has had more than their share of hardships – health, financial, and more.

Once again, I am reminded that we make our plans, we have our things to do, our schedules, and we have way too much to do to DIE.  We have purpose.  We have things to say.  We fill our calendars, of course.  We are not waiting around for Death to find us.  But still.  There is a sad irony in that this very conservative blogger passed away before the election – and somehow it makes the election seem smaller while the loss of this person to her family is so huge.

Rest in Peace, Barbara Curtis.

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