Just Say No

I am not a person who is excited by change.  “We are going to do something different” are words that – while they no longer fill me with dread – may be greeted with at least slight trepidation.

This means that it is often a deliberate effort to say yes to an opportunity that is presented. I have learned  many times that I am capable of taking that leap – and surviving.  Even succeeding!

Since I lean towards fear vs. courage, it can  feel at times as though I should embrace every offer – because overcoming fear of change is best, right?  I should be courageous enough to cause fear to submit and permit courage to triumph.

Not always. There are times when courage means saying no.  As hard as it is to say yes, it sometimes can be more difficult to say no.

Some things are best denied.  Readiness to embrace change, stepping forward to take on a challenge, to agree to a new opportunity – this sounds so positive.  But not always.

When a new duty or opportunity will begin to tip the balance of life and work, ambition and retreat, peace and chaos, it may be wiser to decline.  Saying ‘no’ may be what is necessary to preserve time for family, for attention to fitness, to attend to hobbies or spiritual parts of oneself.

Saying ‘no’ may permit time for living out the most precious parts of my life.

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